Malnutrition at Tedbouk

At Tedbouk, a very isolated Wodaabe community, we were brought very malnourished twins less than a month old.

If they live it will be a miracle. I left them our powdered milk and gave them money to send someone to the center in Tamaya where a malnutrition program is supposed to distribute special highly enriched food products for infants and adults. This is financed by USAID as is supposed to be free. Unfortunately for the population it is being sold. Malnutrition is more prevalent among the Wodaabe nomads, than the Tuareg, because they rarely keep goats. It is a low priority for them in the animal realm, but the easier to raise goats provide more nutritious milk for children. We decided to take some of the goats you nomad foundation supporters bought at Christmas and provide a herd to this community to help nourish the school kids and support the school.

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