New Secretary–Aicha

For the last three medical missions we have worked with Aghaichita Harouna as a nurse at the medical clinic.  She is recently graduated and has not found work in her chosen field so we have offered her a position to run our office and to set up a reporting system for the medical clinic.  We sent her for a short English course and now she is learning the Mac computer in English.  She learned excel very fast and we went over all the necessary reports needed to measure our progress at the clinic.   Now she is in the office taking care of all the receipts, paperwork and comings and goings at the office.  She has in the past work at the clinic, proven herself very competent, energetic and well liked by everyone who works with her. She is a great addition to the Nomad Foundation staff.  She will continue to work on the medical missions and will substiture at the clinic when our nurse, Ali, takes his annual vacation.














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